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Abstract Lights


Western Electrical analyse market grow lights, utilising their custom built Autonomous Gantry (AMPS) and Spectroradiometer. Combined, they run a routine number of tests to measure accurate and consistent data.


The data is then averaged and combined for comparison reports we make public for growers to have transparency. 


Learn a little about our equipment below:

Automatic Gantry (AMPS):

Testing the X, Y & Z axis and measured across a 2.4 x 2.4m plane, thousands of points are captured, reporting the PPF efficacy, coverage area and uniformity. 

Spectroradiometer Sphere:

Products tested in the sphere are conducted under uniformed conditions.

It measures light parameters emitted by a light source (PPF, Lumen, CCT, CRI). 

Driver testing is specifically designed to test the electrical performance of LED drivers and digital ballasts. 



Most Recent Tests:

Multi-Bar Fixtures Report (Download here)

Lucius Flex

Lucius Flex R

Lumatek Zeus Pro

Progrow Model S


Nanolux LED ZX

LUXX 645 Led Pro

Fohse Aries (Spring)

Fohse Aries (Spring)

Progrow Model Z

Hi-Par Spectro


Panel Fixtures Report

Coming soon

Bar Fixtures

Coming soon

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